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The Seriously Silly 1-2-3 Book: A Rhyming Picture Book For Kids Learning Their Numbers

Seriously Silly 1-2-3 Book: A Rhyming5 Star Rating
Seriously Silly 123 Book A Rhyming
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"The Seriously Silly 1-2-3 Book: A Rhyming Picture Book For Kids Learning Their Numbers", Is Truly A Must Own Book

Your children will love this terrific book written by Steve Hodge. Written by Steve Hodge and it was published by Steve Hodge. The book went on sale in May of 2013. To get your own copy of this book for your kids, check out our store button below.

seriously silly book rhyming picture kids

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Publisher: Steve Hodge
Author: Steve Hodge

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"The Seriously Silly 1-2-3 Book"became an international bestseller within days of its publication. “ The Seriously Silly 1-2-3 Book” is destined to turn out to develop to be a favorite of children, parents and grandparents everywhere for generations to come. After reading the brief rhyme on each page, you'll point out the featured number in the top inside the page and encourage your youngster to locate the other instance of that same quantity on that page. Next, you'll challenge your kid to locate the numbers they've learned on previous pages and count them out beginning with a single and operating up towards the featured number, making this book a fun interactive knowledge for both you and your kid each time you share the book together. The illustrations and rhymes will delight your child's eye, ear and funny bone although the studying experience will engage his or her mind. In it, children are introduced for the numbers one through twenty making use of colorful drawings and fun rhymes. Many of Steve Hodge's rhyming picture books have achieved #1 Bestseller status and numerous were chosen #1 “ Hot New Release” in their children's book categories inside days of their publication. Every child will enjoy"The Seriously Silly 1-2-3 Book"whether they're learning their numbers or aren't quite there but.

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