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Puppy's Quest: Adventures In Number World

Puppy's Quest: Adventures In Number World5 Star Rating
Puppys Quest Adventures In Number World
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Puppy's Quest: Adventures In Number World

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puppy's quest adventures number world numbers

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Author: Lily Lexington

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Explore the numbers 1 through 10 with your kid in this exciting rhyming story featuring Pup the Puppy, Drago the Dragon and Blossom the Fairy. Pick up your copy today!) Extract from the story:The number THREE was next in line,Up through the soil flimsy and fine. 3 tiny sprouts from 2 magic seeds,Already expanding at incredible speed! Your older children will especially like the rhyming story format. Your younger children will enjoy the fun and shenanigans of Pup, Drago and Blossom. Join them on their quest to explore quantity world as they plant two magic seeds which finish up growing into four magnificent trees. Your child will take delight in the entertaining and adorable antics of Pup, Drago and Blossom throughout their journey on every page as they discover a new quantity on every page- Beautiful, color illustrations that can captivate your young youngster. (These aren't ordinary seeds! - Rhyming lines support engage your youngster and sustain interest- Your child will have such fun they won't even be aware that they are learning their numbers.

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