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Babies Learn The Alphabet, Numbers, Colors And Shapes For BABY-3 (early Learning Picture Book Series)

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Babies Learn The Alphabet

Do you wish to acquire a children's book? Get your hands on a copy of Babies Learn The Alphabet written by Gloria Kay. Written by Gloria Kay and it is published by Publishing111.com. The children's book was released around January of 2013. To order a copy at the cheapest price, visit our partners via the button on this page.


Author: Gloria Kay

Parents LOVE Early Learning Alphabet, Numbers, Colors and Shapes! Thanks Gloria Kay! God Bless! My hope is that your kid develops an insatiable appetite for reading and learning. Perfect for any baby! Remember, have fun and learn much."This will be the best inside the best in early understanding baby books! Thanks so much! What better way to develop a love of learning than to do it while getting fun? Thank You! It really functions."~ Sierra Anderson, Mother of Twin Boys!"Early Learning Alphabet, Numbers, Colors and Shapes for Babies is my baby's favorite book."~ Cynthia LopezAbout Early Learning Alphabet, Numbers, Colors and ShapesEarly Learning is intended to become a simple, useful studying tool to assist young kids learn the Alphabet, numbers, colors and shapes inside a fun and exciting way."~ Eric Larson, 3rd Grade Teacher"Simple, sweet and useful. She absolutely loves it! My kid loves understanding basically because of books like this.


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